10 Benefits Of Hiring A Property Management Company

Hiring For Property Management Services

Time is money and when you are an NRI juggling several property investments in India it can cost you a significant amount of money if you don’t maintain and overlook several aspects of your property. 

Hiring a property management company instantly solves many of the problems you would come across as an NRI property investor. 

A property management service provides essential benefits that will help you get the best return on your investment. 

Benefits Of A Property Management Company 

Quality Tenants

It may sound like a simple task to get tenants for your property, however, it’s essential to also get the right tenants. 

A property management screens tenants and finds the best fit for your property. You want to make sure the occupants are not into anything illegal and maintain your property when you rent it out. 

Legal Issues

When you are an NRI and live overseas, you may not actively be able to keep a track of the legalities that may change in India with respect to the property. 

A property management company not only ensures it keeps you updated on any changes in local property and also overlook any issues that may arise due to the tenants. 

Property management services start by minimizing the rise when they screen tenants, carry out property inspections, handle tenant evictions, ensure proper signing and terminating leases/agreements, collect and handle rent and security deposits.

Rent Collection and Eviction Processes

As a property owner, in order to reap the benefits of your investment and get your ROI on time, the rent has to be received on time. A property management company has a dedicated manager who follow-up with tenants and stays on top of things to ensure timely payments every month. 


Property management services include Tax & Document Management. You will not have to worry about filing property taxes or maintaining documents – we do it for you! 

Our service includes an App exclusively designed for you as a property owner, where you will receive all and any updates immediately. 

Professional Marketing

Our property management company has the resources to market the property to ensure it’s getting the right kind of traction on rental sites for your property. 

At Proptech Solution, we take professional photos so that the property is looking its best to stand out in the market.

Accurate Rental Pricing

How you price property and how it compares to the other properties in that area is very important. You have to ensure that your property is priced accurately and is competitive, yet fair.  

A property management company will have a deep understanding of the rental market and will be able to properly price any vacancies properly and be able to pull in potential tenants and maintain them. 

Consistent Occupancy Rates

Having dedicated property management services ensures that you have a dedicated manager with the time and expertise to handle vacancies.

This means you will see lower vacancies and have a steady ROI for your property. 

Better Tenant Retention

A tenant can be tenanted with good relationship management and keeping processes smooth. 

A property management firm first ensures you get the right tenant and helps retain them ensuring competitive rentals according to market trends, attends to any issues that arise for them immediately and is always available for urgent concerns the tenant may have.

Maintenance & Repairs

When you hire a property manager, you also gain access to their network of professional vendors.

At Proptech Solutions, our property managers ensure they carry out multiple visits during the year and see to it that any maintenance and repairs are handled immediately. 

Less work and more time for you!

When you have a dedicated team of professionals looking after your property, you can rest assured you will get the ROI you deserve. 

Managing a property on your own is a full-time job that most people don’t have the time to dedicate to. Having a property management company like Proptech will help you in taking care of it for you. 

Since a dedicated property manager will be handling the day-to-day duties of your property, it frees up your time and focuses on the more important things.

At Proptech we offer various services that help you get the best of your investment by not only looking after your property but also ensuring you get timely updates via our app and via emails. 
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