Finding good tenants in Bangalore

4 Steps to Attracting the Best Tenants for Your Rental House

There’s no bigger challenge for a landlord than finding reliable and good tenants. Tenants who follow the rules, live harmoniously with society, pay rent on time, respect the house as if it were their own, and plan to stay for a long time.

If you are the owner of a rental property, we might be able to help you find such a tenant. We have two solutions for you:

  1. Hire a property management company to take over this and all other tasks related to tenants and rental property management
  2. Follow the checklist in this blog

Finding the best tenants for your house

1. Prepare your property for the tenants you want

That’s right, the first step in finding good tenants is making your house worthy of them. Why would good tenants want to stay in a house that isn’t looked after? When potential tenants walk in to inspect your house, it should give them the perception of a great home, a home where they can live for the next few years and entertain their friends, invite their parents, invite their boss and colleagues, and so on.

So the first step is preparing your house, and we have covered this step extensively in our article: 5 Tips for Home/Apartment Inspection & Cleaning Between Tenants

2. List your property on reputable listing sites

The site you choose to list your property on will be a reflection of the tenants who come to visit. The good thing is most listing sites in India are reputable so you don’t have to worry. Just avoid listing our property on any shady sites.

Also, make use of Facebook Marketplace to list your property on social media. We have an entire guide dedicated to helping you list your property on Facebook Marketplace: Listing Your Property On Facebook Marketplace In 2022 [Step By Step Guide]

Pro tip: If you partner with us, we take care of listing your property on reputable sites AND promote them for you. We also list it on our very own premium listing portal

3. Take really good photographs, and take many of them

We cannot stress this enough, the photos you take will be the most important asset to finding good tenants, fast. Photos will make or break the deal.

Most owners get desperate and impatient and list their property either with no photos at all or with a few photos taken really badly – with a low-quality camera and with bad lighting and angles.

This will absolutely not work. Tenants are not even going to consider visiting your property if the photos aren’t great. Since the pandemic, there are more vacant properties and fewer tenants. Not only do the tenants have a lot of options, but they also don’t have the time to check all options. So they are going to be picky, and they will filter houses based on the photos.

Lastly, pick the best photo as the main featured image on the listing site.

4. Conduct a great open house

The final step is treating your potential tenants as if they have already decided to move in, by putting on a really great open house (or house showing).

Show them all the features of the house, tell them about the neighbourhood, highlight the popular eateries and malls, and so on. Remember, tenants are not just moving into your house, they are also moving into the neighbourhood. If you help them understand the house and neighbourhood better, they are more likely to want to move in.

We’d like to reiterate that you can get all of this done without any of the hassle, by partnering with a property management company

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