All about Bengaluru Water Crisis

Bengaluru, India’s tech capital, is facing its worst nightmare – a crippling water crisis. Once brimming with lakes and boasting a healthy water table, the city is now struggling to meet the daily needs of its residents and businesses.

Here’s a deep dive into the crisis and the facts that paint a grim picture:

  • The Vanishing Lifeline:  Decades of excessive groundwater extraction coupled with the encroachment of natural lakes have resulted in a dramatic decline in water levels. Alarmingly, some areas report a drop of 4 meters (13 feet) per year!
  • Unreliable Rains:  The city’s woes are compounded by erratic monsoon patterns. The average annual rainfall has been on a downward spiral, leaving reservoirs parched and the city gasping for water.
  • The Cauvery Conundrum:  Adding fuel to the fire is the contentious issue of the Cauvery river water sharing with neighboring states. This crucial source of water is under constant strain, jeopardizing Bengaluru’s supply.
  • Tankers: A Bitter Necessity:  Many parts of the city have become dependent on private water tankers for their daily needs. This, however, comes at a steep price, putting a financial strain on households and businesses alike.
  • Tech Titans Feeling the Pinch:  The water crisis isn’t just a household concern. Bengaluru’s IT sector, a major revenue generator, is also feeling the heat. The IT industry requires a substantial amount of water, and the scarcity is disrupting operations and threatening the city’s economic engine.

The situation in Bengaluru demands immediate action. Rainwater harvesting, lake restoration projects, improved water management, and exploring alternative water sources like treated wastewater are all crucial steps.

This crisis is a stark reminder of the importance of water conservation.  It’s time for individuals, businesses, and the government to work together to ensure a sustainable water future for Bengaluru. Read more, As a property management company at  Proptech Solutions, we are concerned and worried about our stakeholders (Owners, Tenants, Buyers), as this could have an impact on their daily lives and also a financial impact on the home they live in, home they own, the asset value etc.

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