Bangalore Property Management for NRIs

Bangalore Property Management for NRIs

We know why you’re looking for a Bangalore property management company – because you’re an NRI with property in Bangalore and you have experienced the hassles that come with managing a property from overseas, thousands of kilometres away.

A property needs constant attention – it has to be cleaned, assets have to be maintained and anything that is broken needs to be repaired and fixed. That means you have to find vendors, coordinate with them, track their work, monitor their work, assess the work done, and do many other tasks, all from overseas living in a timezone that conflicts with that of the vendors.

And then there is the matter of a rental property. If you have rented out your house or apartment in Bangalore, you have the additional headache of managing tenants as an NRI. We won’t even get into these activities because you already know about them – maybe you’ve been managing them for months or years.

There is, fortunately, a service that can take over all the hassles of managing a property from overseas so you are left with only the benefits of owning a rental property to enjoy.

That service, is a property management company.

What is a property management company?

A property management company is a team that takes care of all the needs of your property. They become your representatives. What they do will depend on how you intend to use your property while you’re abroad:

If you own a property (house, apartment, land, etc) that you want to keep vacant

The property still needs regular inspection, maintenance, cleaning and repairs. A property that is vacant becomes dirty quickly, pipes begin to rust, dust accumulates, paint chips away, and can become prey for bugs and pests like termites.

The property management company prepares a routine to keep your property in top shape:

  1. They inspect the property regularly and check every nook and cranny as a part of this process.
  2. The company makes a detailed report for you – if the house needs deep cleaning or simple cleaning, if there are items and assets that need repairs, if there is any maintenance task to be performed, and so on. This report is sent to you so you know what’s going on.
  3. They then get all the work done through their network of vendors, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

If you own a property (house, apartment, land, etc) that you want to sell

While the property is in the care of the property management company, they perform all the activities listed above and also:

  1. Prepare all the documents needed to fulfil the sale and also takes care of all legalities.
  2. Lists the property on all premium listing portals and runs paid advertisements to find you the best buyers.
  3. Conducts open houses to show the house to all potential buyers. Also performs a background check for all interested buyers.
  4. Sees the sale through, manages all documents and formalities, and gets you the best price for your property.

If you own a property (house, apartment, land, etc) that you want to rent

A property management company takes over all responsibilities of a rental property, from finding tenants to managing them:

  1. Inspects and prepares the property for renters by deep cleaning the house and repairing anything that needs repairs.
  2. Lists your property on all listing sites and social media marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace (want to list your property on Facebook Marketplace yourself? Here’s a complete guide to help you: Listing Your Property On Facebook Marketplace In 2022 [Step By Step Guide]) to find interested renters.
  3. Shows the renters the house.
  4. Performs a background check of all interested renters.
  5. Once tenants have moved in, the company also takes care of day-to-day tenant needs and demands.
  6. Regularly inspects, cleans, and maintains your house.
  7. Performs all moving-out formalities when tenants vacate. (Not sure what formalities to complete when a tenant is moving out? Here’s a guide that will help you: 5 Tips for Home/Apartment Inspection & Cleaning Between Tenants)

Hire an NRI property management company in Bangalore today

Right, so you’re convinced a property management company can help you manage your property in Bangalore, but where do you go about finding the best one?

Well, you’ve found the best Bangalore property management company for NRIs, it’s us! Drop us a message and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

But, we’re here to help you, so if you’d like to talk to others and get a second, third, or more opinions, please help yourself:





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