Insights into Standard Operating Procedures of a Property Management Company

Insights into Standard Operating Procedures of a Property Management Company

Real estate – time and time again has proved to be a great investment choice on the long run. Whether it’s having multiple properties that you rent or lease out or keep your own personal property occupied while you live overseas.  As with any investment, from mutual funds to stocks and shares – if the … Read more

Your Property in Kolkata is Safe[er] With a Property Management Company

property management Kolkata

Are you an NRI with property in Kolkata? Or maybe you own property in Kolkata but work in Bangalore. Whatever the case, when you live far away from a house you own, managing it becomes a major hassle. We have had customers who initially tried to manage all aspects of home management themselves over the … Read more

Exiting Tenants Leaving Your Property in A Mess? Here’s What Every Landlord Needs to Do!

exiting tenants

The process of tenants moving out of your property is always cumbersome. Therefore, it is natural for you, as a landlord, to want the entire process to be carried out as smoothly as possible. If the tenants stick to the contract or the terms of the agreement well, you will be left with a spotless … Read more

What is a Property Management Company & What Do They Do?

what does a property management company do

What is a Property Management Company, and are they the same as a broker, a real estate agency or a listing company? A quick excerpt of what a property management company does: Helps you Sell a property in India Finds tenants for your house in India Helps you manage tenants in your India home Maintains … Read more

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