Discover the Top 5 Most Affordable Cities in India for Real Estate Investment in 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, where the pulse of housing affordability races against the backdrop of rising interest rates, a beacon of opportunity shines brightly for savvy investors. As per the latest insights from Knight Frank India’s Affordability Index for 2023, Ahmedabad emerges as the phoenix of affordability, soaring above the real estate market’s challenges. But that’s just the beginning of this exciting journey. Join us as we unveil not only why Ahmedabad takes the crown but also explore the top five cities in India that beckon real estate enthusiasts with the promise of investment gold. Let’s delve deeper into this exciting development along with our list of the top five most affordable cities for real estate investment.

Ahmedabad – 23% 

Ahmedabad takes the crown as the most affordable housing market among India’s top eight cities. The city boasts an impressive 23% ratio of Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) to income for an average household. This means that, on average, Ahmedabad residents allocate only 23% of their income towards their home loan EMIs, making housing more affordable than in other major cities.

Kolkata and Pune – 26% 

Kolkata and Pune are not far behind in terms of affordability, with both cities sharing a 26% ratio of EMI to income. This favorable ratio makes housing in Kolkata and Pune relatively more accessible to the average Indian household, despite the challenges posed by rising interest rates.

Hyderabad – 31% 

Hyderabad, known for its flourishing IT sector and robust job market, remains an attractive option for real estate investors. Although its affordability ratio isn’t the lowest, with a 31% EMI-to-Income ratio, the city’s relatively stable real estate market and affordable property prices still make it a smart choice for those seeking value for their investment.

Chennai – 28%

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, continues to witness steady growth in its real estate market. With well-developed infrastructure and an expanding metro network, Chennai offers a promising environment for investors. Although affordability may not be its primary selling point, the city’s economic potential is worth considering, with a 28% EMI-to-Income ratio.


Kochi, located in Kerala, is gaining recognition among real estate investors. Its growing IT sector, tourism industry, and the Kochi Smart City project are driving housing demand. While not the most affordable, Kochi’s property prices still make it an attractive destination for those looking for potential growth in their investments.

The real estate landscape in India in 2023 presents challenges in terms of higher interest rates on home loans, which have reduced housing affordability in many leading cities. However, there’s still promise on the horizon. Ahmedabad stands out as the most affordable housing market with a 23% EMI-to-income ratio, according to Knight Frank India’s Affordability Index for 2023. Kolkata and Pune follow closely behind at 26%. Investors should consider these cities, along with Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kochi (pending updated data), as they navigate the Indian real estate market.

Remember, thorough research, local market trends, and expert advice are crucial when making real estate investment decisions. And if you’re ready to take the next step and find your dream home or make a strategic investment, we’re here to help. Connect with us, and let our dedicated team guide you on your path to real estate success. Your future home or investment property may be closer than you think, and we’re here to make that journey smoother and more rewarding for you.

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