How PropTech Solutions makes receiving India property updates for NRIs simple

The pandemic has presented new global challenges, when several governments announced lock-downs and closed entry into their nation – people travelling for work, people making plans to travel for important work and many individuals on holiday found themselves stuck in an unprecedented situation. 

The inability to not fly at ease and the urgent need to stay safe has presented all sorts of new problems, especially for NRIs who may have investments in countries like India. 

With a huge surge of unemployment and unstable job security; many people have had to assess their expenditure and also revisit already made investments or have had to make new ones that will yield good returns on the longer run. 

One such avenue for investors and NRIs has been real estate. The drop in the market price across all sectors, especially the real estate market, has presented some value for NRIs. [A Silver Lining for NRIs to invest in property during Covid-19]

However, if you’re an NRI who already has property in India and now you are stuck abroad with no one to monitor the property or are looking to make a new investment but can’t come visit to get the paperwork done – a property management firm solves all these complex problems with end-to-end solutions. 

At PropTech Solutions we: 

  1. Inspect and evaluate the property to give you a competitive market price.
  2. Market, Advertise and handle open houses.
  3. Carry out buyer and tenant verification and screening
  4. Manage property transition in case you’re selling
  5. Manage tenants and rent
  6. Keep necessary documentation up to date 
  7. Always keep you informed and communicate all issues related to your property. 

In a situation like today, communication becomes a big part of handling property and keeping up with the various changes happening with respect to government policy. 

How we at PropTech Solutions keep property owners informed at all times: 

When times are uncertain, you need all hands on deck. Being an NRI it is physically impossible for you to fly repeatedly to India to keep track of your property. PropTech Solutions solves what sounds like a challenge in very simple ways! 

1. Dedicated property manager: Our firm has dedicated property managers to handle all issues related to your property. From keeping track of its upkeep and maintenance to ensuring documents are all up to date. 

The manager will ensure you as a property owner, know exactly what is happening with your property at all times. Based on the urgency of the situation, the property manager will call or send periodic updates via email to always keep you informed. 

2. Communication via our custom app: Our custom built app allows property owners to get updates at the tip of their fingers. 

Updates include (but not limited to): 

a. Potential leads: A vacant property is not something you want, zero vacancy means zero returns on the property. The longer a property is vacant – the lesser returns. Our dedicated team of marketers and advertisers identify appropriate platforms and also reach out to our vast network of investors and clients to advertise your property. 

Everytime there is a potential lead – you receive an update for the same. 

Why is it important to know who is looking at your property? 

Because, while a tenant is what you need, we believe you should also have a good tenant who will oblige to the terms of the agreement and keep the property in good condition. 

As you are the property owner – without a doubt this decision of what kind of tenant or occupant you want is yours. 

b. Digital documentation: The whole idea of the app is to keep the property as the least of your worries in your busy life. 

We understand that ‘all hands on deck’ is not always sufficient and you need eyes on ground too. 

As a part of our services, when a property owner hires PropTech Solutions, we

  • Check all paperwork 
  • Do an inspection of the property to identity if something needs to be fixed or can be improved to increase value of the property   
  • Identify all key details like is there a metro nearby, is the property by a CBD etc and use this information to advertise the property.

All initial services performed are recorded with adequate details with photos of the inspection to document the initial state of the property. 

Once the initial inspections are done, we send timely pictures of the property -if and when there are changes or if the property needs to be repaired. 

3. Continuous communication via the app: The app facilitates us to continuously update you and lets you always know what’s happening on ground. 

The app as mentioned above is to keep life simple – we try not to call (unless urgent) as you will most likely be in a different time zone and busy with daily work life. 

So all other information like maintenance updates and repairs, ad hoc services carried out, details on periodic inspections and all other continuous tasks that we carry out are made easily available on the app for you to view when needed. 

Communication is key – this is something we live by. Being busy in a different country – thinking about how your property is doing can cause some level of anxiety and not knowing what’s happening with it can add more unnecessary stress.

PropTech Solutions solves this for you via the app – making your life stress free. 

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