Landlord Services in Bangalore – 2022 Edition

Landlord Services in Bangalore – 2022 Edition

Owning real estate in India is a great investment, and the added income you get from rent is the icing on the cake. Everything seems to be perfect in the land of the landlords, right?

Wrong. Being a landlord is constant work. My landlord visits the building every morning at 5 to get the parking area cleaned. If there’s a water problem, we call him, if there’s a tap malfunction, we call him, if a closet door is loose, we call him. And you know what, he responds and comes to get things fixed in no time.

I’m sure a lot of you landlords nodded your head as you read that paragraph. You go through the same hassles as a house owner – the constant barrage of requests from tenants.

And when a tenant leaves, there starts another cycle of work – inspecting the vacated property, cleaning it, listing the vacant property, finding tenants, and so on.

But what if there were a company that provided services exclusively to house owners?

What if there were a company that took over the task of inspecting the property, making repairs, cleaning it, listing it, finding tenants, managing tenants’ needs, and so on?

What if there were a company that took over all the responsibilities of being a house owner and allowed you to just enjoy the perks?

The good news is, there is a company of that sort – it’s a property management company. And you don’t have to go anywhere to find one, because we are a property management company!

What services can landlords expect?

1. Inspection and cleaning after a tenant has left

We, as a property management company, take over the move-out inspection, deep cleaning, and repairs activity. Through our network of vendors, we get things done for an affordable price with top quality work.

You will get before and after photographic reports so you can see what was done and we also want to make sure your property remains in perfect condition after a tenant has left.

2. Property listing and advertising

Next, we list the property on all listing sites and promote it. We respond to all lead enquiries and schedule showings of the property.

3. Show the house

We handle the property showing task. The property manager assigned to your property will cater to each lead and show them the house and explain its features and other nearby attractions.

4. Tenant background check

Once tenants show interest, we perform a thorough background check to ensure only the best tenants are considered for your property.

5. Tenant management

Once the tenants move in, we handle end-to-end tenant needs and demands. All those calls and requests they made earlier that made you run around? We take over all of them. We even collect the rent and deposit it into our account. So all you have to do is relax, and enjoy the fruits of your investment.

6. Regular inspection and maintenance

Through our network of vendors, we make sure the property is well taken care of. Regular repairs, cleaning and maintenance tasks will ensure your property remains spick and span.

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