Managing Your Property in India Amidst a Pandemic

Managing Your Property in India Amidst a Pandemic

The world is gripped by a rare situation, a black swan event. We’re unsure of how to react, how to behave, and how to live our daily lives. The silver lining is that we have proved we can come together as a human race and weather the storm. It’s incredible to see the human spirit strive during such times.

While your property in India might not have been at the top of the priority list during these start of the pandemic, now with things slowly settling, you need to get back to caring for it. An untended property can very quickly degrade. It starts with small issues like runaway weeds in the yard, chipping paint and a leaking faucet, and these small issues quickly escalate and lead to damage that takes a lot of money to repair. Tending to your property on time is the key to nurturing your prized investment.

Property Management Made Easy

Your friend during these times is a property management company. We specialize in home and apartment management and make the whole process of managing your house in India hassle free. PropTech Solutions’ property experts are on-ground and fully operational, ready to service and maintain your homes.

But what does a property management company even do?

Here is a gist of the primary services –

  1. Market analysis to set the right costing.
  2. Initial deep cleaning and repairs.
  3. Advertising and marketing the property for minimal vacancy.
  4. Finding tenants/buyers based on your need (to rent or to sell).
  5. Verifying tenants/buyers.
  6. Managing the sale and documents in case you’re selling.
  7. Continual management of tenants and the property if you’re renting.

This article we published will give you some insights on the difference between you managing a property on your own, and the ease of doing it via a property management company – Manage Property On Your Own or Hire a Property Management Company?

What to Do Next?

If you’re an NRI with property in India, or even if you stay in the same city with a property far away, managing it is a hassle and you already know that. Add a worldwide lockdown to the mix and things go haywire.

But there’s no need to worry because, as we said, a property management company is the right solution to your problem.

Here’s a list of some of the best property management companies that you can begin with:

PropTech Solutions – We are the best of course! But, we do not shy away from giving you more sources. Your happiness, after all, is most important to us. Here are some more-





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