Navigating Assignment Fees in Indian Real Estate: A Simple Guide

In the complex world of property transactions in India, it’s crucial to grasp the concept of assignment fees. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or involved in legal matters, understanding assignment fees is key for a smooth process. This blog aims to demystify assignment fees in the Indian real estate context, shedding light on their importance and impact.

Understanding Assignment Fees in Real Estate Wholesaling:

In real estate wholesaling, an assignment fee occurs when one party, known as the “assignor,” transfers their contractual duties to another party, the “assignee.” This maneuver streamlines the transfer of property rights, making it a crucial element in real estate transactions.

The Role of Assignment Fees in Real Estate Transactions

The Assignment Fee acts as compensation for the intermediary, often referred to as the wholesaler (Typically a Builder). It’s the fee paid by the end buyer to secure the rights to purchase a specific property. This fee structure fosters a symbiotic relationship, aligning the interests of the assignor, assignee, and the end buyer. Typically it is done before the property is actually registered, so the buyer need not pay large 6-7% registration fees, if they do not actually intend to buy

Dynamic Assignment Process

The person doing the assigning, commonly known as the middleman or contract flipper, serves as the bridge between the original seller and the end buyer. They sell the right to purchase the property, and the fee paid by the buyer is the assignment fee. This process differs from traditional house selling, often concluding within a short timeframe, typically less than 30 days.

Legal Framework of Assignment Fees

Understanding assignment fees requires familiarity with the legal basics of real estate assignments. In this context, assignment refers to the transfer of property ownership, rights, or interest from the assignor to the assignee. It’s a contractual dance where the assignor gracefully steps aside, allowing the assignee to seamlessly take their place. The buyer can save a large registration fees if they can get the assignment done through the builder

Factors Influencing Assignment Fees

Several factors influence the assignment fee, including the type and location of the property, its value, and government policies. Staying informed about these factors is essential for accurate financial planning in real estate transactions. Typically in India it is 100/Sq Ft or upwards


Navigating assignment fees in Indian real estate is akin to having a compass for your property journey. Understanding the dynamics, legalities, and influencing factors ensures a well-informed approach to property transactions. If you need further clarification or assistance, whether in comprehending these intricacies or exploring proptech solutions, we’re just a call away. Connect with us, and let’s navigate the world of real estate together.

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