Navigating Rental Challenges: A Bachelor’s Quest for Home in Bangalore

Bengaluru: A city where dreams find their wings and freshers discover the stepping stones to their careers. It’s a city where opportunities abound, beckoning young professionals to embark on their journeys.

However, amid the pursuit of a promising career lies the challenge of securing a suitable place to call home. For most freshers, who often arrive in the city as bachelors, this quest often involves presenting themselves as responsible individuals while navigating the complexities of property ownership and rental.

Let’s delve into a real-life scenario. Meet Varun (a pseudonym), who recently made his way to Bangalore after securing a position with an MNC through campus placement. Initially, his company provided a two-week stay in a hotel, offering him a brief respite. During these two weeks, Varun had a crucial task at hand – finding a suitable rental property.

In the process of house-hunting, a colloquial term frequently used in reference to the search for accommodation, Varun discovered the unique challenges and hurdles faced by bachelors in this bustling metropolis.

Here are some of the hurdles he encountered:

  • Preference for Family Tenants: Many property owners exhibited a strong preference for family tenants over bachelors. This bias stemmed from concerns that bachelors might disrupt the peace in the neighbourhood or fail to maintain the property adequately. In some cases, property owners were open to renting to bachelors but faced opposition from the society’s association or neighbours.
  • Soaring Rental Rates: Bengaluru’s rapid urbanisation and increased demand for rental properties, fueled by the influx of professionals, led property owners to significantly raise their rental rates, especially in prime locations.
  • High-Security Deposits: Adding to the financial challenge, it is customary in Bengaluru to require a substantial security deposit, often equivalent to 5-6 months’ rent. This amount can escalate further if the property is fully furnished. For a bachelor like Varun, this financial burden posed a significant obstacle, narrowing down his options considerably.
  • Dietary Restrictions: Some property owners imposed dietary restrictions, preferring tenants who refrained from consuming non-vegetarian or meat-based food on the premises. This criterion further limited Varun’s choices.

These are just a few of the many challenges and stipulations that make it exceedingly difficult for bachelors like Varun to secure suitable rental accommodation in Bangalore.
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