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PropTech Solutions has partnered with key companies to help and support property owners, builders, property buyers, and tenants.

We believe, by combining our capabilities with those of trusted partners, we can leverage multiple sets of expertise to co-create propositions that can make ways for exponential growth.

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home inspektor

HomeInspeKtor offers a comprehensive inspection service to check the conditions of the residential units (home/flat/villa) by not just visual or manual checks but using tools/equipment plus a well laid out robust process that is conducted by internationally qualified inspectors in a non-invasive method. The data is captured using a mobile app and is processed & stored in the cloud platform to derive insights and analytics.

property management partners

For Design l Interiors l Construction, look no further. Construction Associates is the building solutions arm of TerraFirma. Project executed in the last 20 years includes Research Centers, Hi-Tech Industries, Commercial spaces, Boutique Apartments and Premium Residences. These residential & Commercial projects are spread across Bangalore and surrounding areas.

Beegle logo

On-demand helpers to assist with house-help, errands, chores, cleaning and general assistance. Beegle is a platform where individuals can find assistants to help with chores and sundry errands at home and work. The platform matches posted needs with people, skilled or unskilled, who are ready to help hourly.

They help companies handle their finances and accounting end to end. Their unique position aids in tackling compliances, enabling ease of doing business. They believe in the success of their clients, and their insights can assist in achieving the best results for businesses, regardless of their field or target market.

Jaari operates as a professional movers and packers service provider, offering high-quality packing and moving services. They comprise a team of young professionals who deeply value and comprehend the emotions associated with clients’ valuables. Their integration of technology into the traditional relocation industry has streamlined their work processes, making them more efficient and productive.

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