Property Management Services – A Detailed List

If you own a property in India that you live away from, either because you’re an NRI or maybe you live in a different part of the same city, you must already be aware of the hassles of managing the property. You might also already have heard of a solution to these hassles: a property management company. In case you’re wondering what property management services these companies provide that will be useful for you as a house owner, this blog will clear all your questions.

1. Inspects and Evaluates the Property to Give You a Competitive Market Price

Selling or renting your property is how you monetize it. The issue with selling or renting is doing the research to find the right market price. If you price too high, you will lose potential prospects, and if you price too low, you will be losing potential profits.

A property management company solves this problem by performing a thorough analysis of the property and the locality to place a competitive price point, to ensure you get the best possible deal.

2. Markets, Advertises, and Handles Open Houses

Once the price is decided, you need to actively market and advertise you property in order to find potential buyers/renters. once someone shows interest, you need to show the property to the potential tenants/buyers. This can become a cumbersome task if you have a full time job or if you’re an NRI who stays away from the property.

A property management company solves this by becoming your hands, eyes and feet on the ground. We have tie ups with listing companies and different channels for marketing and advertising. This ensures that your property gets the highest visibility among potential buyers/renters. Once someone shows interest, we show them the property and nurture the lead until fulfillment.

Here’s how proper property marketing is done: 3 Ways to Advertise Your Rental Property Online [& Always Have Tenants]

3. Buyer and Tenant Verification and Screening

Once a tenant or buyer is selected, you need to perform some basic checks to ensure your property is going to the right hands. This is a time and effort consuming task, and it is vital that it is done properly.

A property management company is better equipped to perform these tasks. We perform a thorough background check of the potential buyer or tenant to only sell or rent to the best possible candidate.

Here’s how we handle tenants: Dealing with Tenants the Right Way: Through A Property Management Company

4. Manages the Property Transition in Case You’re Selling

If you are selling a property, there are quite a lot of formalities to be fulfilled once the buyer is selected. We as a property management company also help you with the documentation and legalities involved in selling the property, to ensure a smooth and stress-free transition.

5. Manages Tenants and Rent

In case you are renting out a property, your job becomes even more stressful. You have to cater to your tenants’ needs, perform property checks, collect rent, manage repairs, etc.

Hiring a property management company can make this process completely hassle free, because we take over all the tenant management tasks on your behalf. We collect the rent, manage tenants’ expectations, perform periodic checks, maintenance and repairs, manage tenant entry and exit, etc.

6. 360 Degree Property Management

Whether you are renting out a property or not, your house in India needs catering to. You have to inspect it regularly, perform checks, and then perform repairs and maintenance. If you do not service the house regularly, it can lead to damages that will end up costing you much more to fix.

A property management company helps you in this regard, because periodic checks and repairs are a part of the service portfolio. You can hand over your property to us, and relax.

Ready For Hassle Free Home Ownership?

Real estate is a lucrative investment in India, and is something everyone must look into. But once you purchase a house, safety, management and monetization is very important. These are professional tasks, and require professional services. Hiring us gives you the benefits of owning real estate in India, with none of the worries.

Want to know more about our service? It’s all on our website: India Property Management

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