Transforming Bengaluru: BBMP’s Groundbreaking Digital Leap in Property Records

In a groundbreaking move, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has embarked on a transformative journey to digitize ‘A’ and ‘B’ khata certificates, marking a significant shift in the management of property records. This ambitious project mirrors the success of the Revenue Department’s Bhoomi project, which revolutionized manual Record of Rights, Tenancy, and Crops (RTC) nearly two decades ago.

The BBMP’s latest undertaking involves the meticulous process of scanning and digitizing over 5,100 handwritten registers, housing details for more than 20 lakh properties across Bengaluru. Each register, a treasure trove of information, encompasses up to 25 columns per khata, ranging from owner details to property type, location, and beyond.

Addressing Concerns: Ensuring Transparency and Accuracy

As the BBMP gears up for this monumental task, certain concerns have been raised by citizens. The primary worries revolve around the potential for software manipulation and the apparent lack of involvement of property owners whose records are being digitized. In response, the BBMP emphasizes its commitment to transparency and accuracy.

Rajan R, a resident of Girinath and an open data activist, highlights the need for the BBMP to make the entire process public. He emphasizes the importance of audit logs within the software to detect any tampering and suggests that each property record should be identified by a unique tag number.

A Transparent Process: Addressing Concerns and Involving Property Owners

Munish Moudgil, Special Commissioner (Revenue), BBMP, acknowledges these concerns and affirms the civic body’s readiness to make khata details public once the digitization process is completed. “We hope to complete the work by March next year. During this period, 100% of the digitized data will be proofread by officers at different levels. On top of this, the property owners, too, will be given a certain period of time to raise objections,” Moudgil assures.

This commitment to transparency aligns with the BBMP’s overarching goal of offering all Khata-related services online. As Proptech solutions providers, we recognize the critical nature of accurate property documentations be it Khata, EC, Property Taxes. Our role is to support the BBMP in this pivotal mission, ensuring a seamless transition to digital records.

Proptech Solutions: Bridging the Gap in Property Management

At Proptech Solutions, we understand the importance of efficient property management and monetization to improve ROI on your assets. As Proptech solutions providers, we are dedicated to complementing the BBMP’s efforts by offering innovative solutions for Rental, Resale, and Repairs/maintenance. Our commitment is not just about embracing change but ensuring that it results in a more accessible, transparent, and efficient property documentations for Owners

Join us in celebrating this monumental leap towards a digitized future for Bengaluru’s property landscape. As the BBMP paves the way for more efficient and transparent documentations, we stand ready to contribute to the evolution of property management in the digital age.

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