Understanding Your Khata Certificate

Think of your Khata certificate as your property’s identity card. Issued by the municipal corporation, it contains details such as owner information, property size, and tax assessment. 

Khata serves two main purposes:

Property Tax: The Khata is used to calculate and pay your property tax to the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP).

Ownership Proof: While not a title deed, the Khata acts as evidence that the property rights have been transferred from the builder to the owner

Why is the Khata Certificate Important?

  • Having an A Khata (the preferable kind) is crucial for several reasons:
  • Essential Services: It simplifies the process of getting electricity and water connections for your home.
  • Loan Approvals: Banks require an A Khata to process home loan applications.
  • Permits and Approvals: A Khata is mandatory for obtaining building licenses and layout plan approvals for future renovations or constructions.

The 2 Types of Khata:

A Khata is issued to a property which has all approvals from the concerned authorities and adheres to the building byelaws and taxation norms. The possession of this certificate helps property owners avail home loans, building plans and occupation certificates easily.

B Khata is issued to properties that may have not fully adhered to the building byelaws or have outstanding property tax dues. It is a register maintained by BBMP as per Section 108A of the Karnataka Municipal Act, 1976, which was revised in 2009. It is a temporary document which needs to be converted into A Khata. The State government is working towards a scheme [SG3], which will allow the regularization of B Khata properties to A Khata by paying the requisite improvement and conversion fee.

A Khata and B Khata differences

Getting Your Khata Certificate:

To obtain a Khata, you need to submit an application form along with documents like the title deed, allotment papers (if applicable), and property tax receipts to the Assistant Revenue Officer. The process can take up to five weeks, but having an A Khata is definitely worth the wait!Are you a homebuyer or seller living abroad and worried about managing your Khata? Let your worries end here. At Proptech Solutions, our team of professionals is dedicated to assisting you with all aspects of property buying, selling, and renting. Trust us with your documentation, and we’ll ensure a hassle-free experience that gives you peace of mind. Rest easy knowing your property is in the right hands. Lets talk.

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