Why You Should Hire A Professional Property Manager

Why You Should Hire A Professional Property Manager

Investing in property is always a great long-term plan in terms of building your assets, however if you are an NRI and have real-estate investments in India, managing your property can become a tedious task. 

As a property owner you have to handle multiple tasks like: advertising your property, listing it on the right platforms, being compliant with laws and regulations and also managing your tenants. 

For any investment to give you the best results it needs constant attention, especially property. A professional property manager makes property management a hassle free investment. 

Here are some of the tasks that a property manager overlooks and handles for you: 

Advertising and listing 

When you buy any type of property, commercial or residential, the aim will always be to ensure minimum vacancy time and more occupancy. 

For a property to be occupied at the earliest – it needs to be listed on the right platforms and must be advertised in the right way. The listing/advertisement has to have all the appropriate information and clear images that show the property clearly. 

A property management company has professionals who have the right understanding about where properties should be listed and take the right type of images that show the property in the best way possible. 


Once a property is listed and advertised and potential tenants start showing interest – it’s important to screen the right tenants out. 

A property management company screens out the best potential tenants for your property and also carry out background checks to ensure they are not involved in any legal issues. 

Tenant management 

Tenant management involves 2 main aspects – the first is ensuring rent is collected in a timely manner and the next is addressing any queries and concerns raised by tenants. 

If there are damages, repairs or the tenant has an emergency –  a property manager will be available immediately to address the issues. 

Legal compliance and tax documentation 

A property management firm is on its toes when it comes to being up to date with all legal compliance and managing your tax documentation. 

They keep property owners informed about any changes in laws and regulations and make sure you do not default in any legal compliances. 

Maintenance and repair 

Every property at some point will have broken parts that need to be fixed. A property management company has a network of vendors and contractors who are trusted worthy and reliable to tend to any damages and repairs. 

Also, as mentioned above, any kind of investment needs to be looked after. If a property is not maintained and inspected on a regular basis it can lead to unnecessary costs in the longer run. 

A property management company has a dedicated property manager who carries out timely inspections and ensures that no broken pipe or leak is left for long and is fixed immediately to avoid long term damage. 

Timely updates 

At Proptech, our team of dedicated property managers send all updates via email and also via our app. 

As a property owner, you are always kept in the loop and updated at all times about your property and what is happening with it. 

A property manager is your eyes on ground and tends to all things related to your property and is also available on call for any escalations or urgent issues for both you and the tenant. 

As an NRI real-estate investor you may not have the time between your full-time job and daily life to tend to things like queries from potential tenants, cross-checking agreements and documentation, screening tenants and the other tasks mentioned above. 
To ensure you cover all bases the right way, you should consider hiring a professional property management company that will handle all your property tasks for you and help you get the best ROI on your real estate investment. 

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